Areas of Expertise:

WLT Consulting, LLC specializes in developing culturally competent systems; designing recovery oriented behavioral health (mental health and drug use disorder) systems; evaluating behavioral health programs and systems; enhancing consumer operated services and peer support services; equipping and preparing peer support specialist; developing organizational leadership and reducing disparities/increasing consumerism in Health Care Reform.

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Trainings provided in the following areas:

(WLT Consulting provides trainings on-site, regionally and nationally)

Ø      Trainings: 
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  • Peer Support Specialist
  • Peer Support Services
  • Cultural Competence/Disparities
  • Recovery and Consumer Empowerment
  • Data Collection for Consumer Operated Service (COS) 
  • Negotiating Skills for Consumer Operated Service (COS)/Peer Support Services (PSS)
  • Increasing Staff Performance
  • Organizational Leadership Development
  • Health Care Navigator
  • Systems Development and Health Care Reform
  • Health Care Professionals and Hospital Staff
  • Referral Process for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)
  • Recovery Management Planning
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Ø       Recovery Assessment Tool:

    Comprehensive Assessment of Recovery
    Readiness for Systems (CARRS) Model -
    “Moving Systems toward Recovery-Based
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Services provided in the following areas:
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Elnora L. Jenkins-Christie:  currently serves as the Executive Director of the National Leadership Council (NLC) on African American Behavioral Health, WLT Consulting, LLC and the Gertrude Wood Community Foundation (GWCF). Ms. Jenkins-Christie retired from the Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH) in August 2007 after 30 years of service in local and state government. While at ODMH she served as the Administrator for Prevention Initiatives, Office of Children’s Services & Prevention, and was instrumental in designing and launching the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation in partnership with The Ohio State University. Ms. Jenkins-Christie also served as the Acting Chief of the Office of Children’s Services and Prevention and as Assistant Office Chief, Child Care Division, Department of Job and Family Services. Ms. Jenkins-Christie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She is the mother of two daughters and an avid proponent of “family first” efforts that promote children and youth in urban communities. Ms. Jenkins-Christie is the recipient of numerous local and state awards for her community advocacy and ability to facilitate change in organizations and social/educational institutions.


Sherry Boyd:  is the Assistant Director of WLT Consultants, LLC.  She served as the Chief of the Office of Consumer and Recovery Supports for the Ohio Department of Mental Health.  She is experienced in project management, specifically recovery focused initiatives, and contributes her relationships with consumers for giving her a wealth of knowledge that can only come from their learned experience.  Sherry has a passion for recovery and educating systems on consumer empowerment and self-direction. She is  retired from the Ohio Department of Mental Health.  She is a graduate of Ohio University and has been a social worker for over 30 years in the community and behavioral health care system.  Ms. Boyd currently sits on the board of The PEER Center recovery organization in Columbus, Ohio.


Samuel H. Hancock Ed.D., L.P.C.:  is the Founder and CEO of Hancock, Hancock & Associates LLC a Management and Consultant firm specializing in Cultural Competency and Leadership Development Training. He earned his Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and Doctoral degree in Leadership Education and Policy Studies from Bowling Green State University. He is also an International Consultant and has presented papers or conducted workshops in Honolulu Hawaii, Montreal Canada, Las Vegas Nevada, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Chicago, Illinois and throughout the state of Ohio. He is the author of a book entitled “The Effectiveness of Diversity Training” and one of his articles entitled “Working toward Becoming Culturally Competent: The Healthcare providers Challenge was presented at the National Conference on Race and Equality (NCORE) in June of 2010.


Jeannette S. Harrison:  is a private consultant with over 30 years administrative experience in the public behavioral health care system.  Formerly a senior staff member with the Ohio Department of Mental Health, Ms. Harrison held the position of Chief of Community Systems Development and Training.


Ms. Harrison currently works with public and private health care organizations throughout the country in the areas of strategic planning, academic collaborations, recovery, organizational management, workforce development, and local system development. 


Ms. Harrison has a M.S. in Public Health from the University of Massachusetts and is trained in several group process and facilitation methods.


Yvetta Collins:  is a mental health advocate, consultant, speaker and trainerShe is experienced in developing and implementing programs and trainings for parents of children with Severe Emotional Disturbance to manage a multiplicity of services and coordination of care within the community.  She develops and provides training to multi-disciplinary mental health staff and providers to collaborate with parents and caregivers to meet the needs of children.  Ms. Collins is the mental health advocate at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Division of Psychiatry where she has developed and implemented methods to improve processes in the care of children and inclusion of parents and caregivers as the core team member.  Her personal experiences have provided her with in-depth knowledge of mental illness which she draws upon to educate, encourage and empower those who work to improve the lives of children.


Jean Kendrick:  Ms. Kendrick is a graduate of the Columbus State Community College with a degree in Computer Programming Technology.  She has extensive experience in administrative support services.  Ms. Kendrick was employed over 30 years in state government where she held various positions.  She recently retired from her position of Mental Health Administrator with the Ohio Department of Mental Health. She currently works as the Technical & Communications Support staff for WLT Consulting.


Pat Green:  has extensive years in administrative support services and business management.  Ms. Green has provided administrative support for WLT for over 9 years.


Josephine Barilotti: I am a person in recovery from both an addiction and a mental illness.  I have been clean from alcohol and drugs for 13 years.  I deal with my anxiety issues as they come.  I first became clean and sober through the judicial system, stipulated to treatment.  It was the first step forward on my remarkable journey.  I live in Philadelphia and I work in the field.  I have been working full time for the past 12 years and have been elevated to the position of project manager at the Consumer Satisfaction Team in Philadelphia.  My main purpose as a person in recovery is to bring hope to others who may be experiencing an addiction and/or a mental illness, as I am living proof that you can have these issues and lead a meaningful and productive life.  My responsibility as a person in recovery is to educate those who do not understand addictions or mental illnesses; this is the reason why I enjoy facilitating trainings; I find it especially satisfying when I see understanding begin to emerge past the confusion and denial.  For me, my biggest reward is to have my recovery speak volumes without saying a word.