Recovery Readiness Assessment Tool:  We at WLT Consulting will be pleased to conduct a Comprehensive Assessment of Recovery Readiness, conveniently known as CARRS for your systems/agencies. The CARRS model is a tool to assist systems/agencies such as yours to evaluate its current level of recovery readiness and make improvements in service delivery and consumer outcomes.  The CARRS model has widespread applicability yet still provides for customized recommendations for every system/agency based on the data collected.


This tool demonstrates that for all systems/agencies efforts toward Recovery involves some sort of movement, thus the idea of a car. Any system/agency may find themselves at any of the four stages of the CARRS model known as Gears. As systems/agencies move closer toward recovery they are classified according to their movement in indicator areas covered in this guide.  This assessment of a system/agency current state will assist in what actions are necessary to move the system closer to becoming a recovery-oriented system.


There are two instrument utilized in this assessment.  The first instrument is the Organizational Recovery Readiness Survey Staff, which is administered to administrators and staff of organizations, the second is Organizational Recovery Readiness Survey Consumers, which is administered to consumers of services.


One of the purposes of the surveys was to develop a baseline measurement of the status of recovery at the Agencies.  Another purpose was to model recovery practices and to provide information/technical assistance that agencies would find helpful as they redesigned their services to address recovery.


Organizational Recovery Readiness Survey Staff:  Should take approximately twenty (20) minutes to complete. The Executive Director is responsible for submitting the required documentation found on the last page, along with his/her completed survey. Also, a minimum of four additional staff members are responsible for completing and submitting their surveys.


Organizational Recovery Readiness Survey Consumers:  This questionnaire is about consumer’s experience, observations, and opinions about the recovery-orientation of this mental health service. This is administered in a face to face setting by consumer interviewers, who are trained by Wilma Townsend. Interviewers will ask whether individuals want to complete the survey on their own or have interviewer ask questions. This is about 20 minutes to a half hour timeframe. Their responses on this questionnaire are confidential.  Their survey will be combined with other respondents and analyzed. A summary report will be given to the sponsoring organization for the purpose of improving services.


WLT evaluation services are designed to foster a deeper understanding of program dynamics, highlight areas for program improvement, lead to organizational development and strengthening, and assess outcomes. They include, but are not limited to:

Comprehensive evaluation design to include mixed methods;

Needs assessment;

Development of logic models/theories of change;

Feasibility studies;

Process (Implementation) evaluations and program process monitoring;

Formative and Summative (Outcome) evaluations;

Data analysis (quantitative and qualitative);

Reporting in easily understandable formats (e.g., PowerPoint, PDF);

Design of evaluation instruments, including surveys;

Objective setting and evaluation design for grant proposals; and

Consultation on creating internal evaluation capacity;

Staff Capabilities:

Research design and methodology expertise;

Project management;

Practical problem-solving;


Internal and external stakeholder engagement;

Technical writing; and

Marketing of program successes to a variety of audiences.