Elnora L. Jenkins-Christie,        Executive Director, WLT Consulting, LLC
Elnora L. Jenkins-Christie, Executive Director, WLT Consulting, LLC
Comments from the Executive Director

Elnora Jenkins-Christie took the ranks of Executive Director of WLT Consulting, LLC in 2010 after serving as a consultant for the firm for five (5) years. Ms. Jenkins-Christie and Wilma L. Townsend worked as colleagues at the Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH). They collaborated on projects and statewide conferences that focused on developing culturally competent systems of care. Ms. Jenkins-Christie retired from ODMH in August 2007 after 30 years of service in local and state government. While at ODMH she served as the Administrator for Prevention Initiatives, Office of Children’s Services & Prevention, and was instrumental in designing and launching the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation in partnership with The Ohio State University. Ms. Jenkins-Christie also served as Assistant Office Chief, Child Care Division, Department of Job and Family Services. 

In addition to her work in the behavioral health system, Ms. Jenkins-Christie has been a strong advocate for community-based social and educational programs for youth. She also serves as the Executive Director for the National Leadership Council (NLC) for African American Behavioral Health, a non-profit organization seeking to provide leadership in building and supporting behavioral health systems that reduce disparities and contribute to optimal health in our communities.
Ms. Jenkins-Christie shares the same passion for mental health recovery as her predecessor and remains committed to the vision that elevated WLT Consulting, LLC to a position that is highly respected across the country. While the firm begins to explore services that will support consumers in the era of health care reform, our roots will always be embedded in recovery and carrying on a long tradition of hope…….the essence of recovery.
About our Founder, Wilma Townsend
WLT Consulting, LLC recognizes its Founder and avid supporter of mental health recovery, Wilma L. Townsend. Ms. Townsend served as Owner and President for over 10 years prior to her recent appointment at SAMHSA in 2010.   While leading a team of expert consultants and staff, Wilma Townsend managed to use her years of experience as a mental health advocate and professional to develop recovery-based, culturally competent systems of care all across the country. Her major focus was to make systems recovery oriented through assessments, training, consultation, and other tools that she found to provide positive results.

Ms. Townsend served as the Chief of the Office of Consumer Services for the Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH) for over 15 years. Some may say Ms. Townsend gained her experience and exceptional insight into consumer affairs at ODMH. However, Ms. Townsend would tell you that her greatest teacher was working directly with consumers and families to assist them while in recovery to improve their quality of life.

Wilma will be missed at WLT Consulting, LLC, but she will be making a greater impact for the cause on a national level. WLT Consulting, LLC will operate with the same commitment, passion and enthusiasm as when Ms. Townsend was in the driver’s seat. Our goal is to build upon her legacy and provide quality services and products that have made this organization one of the top behavioral health consulting firms in the country.