VIDEOS:  (Parts 1-7)

Reality of Recovery: A Documentary - 
The following 7-part video is a 2008 Documentary highlighting the "Recovery" movement for those affected with Mental Illness.

-- Special thanks to Rita Brooks for sharing this video presentation!--


Part 1 - A history of mental illness and hospitalization and what progress has been made.  Several speakers, including Larry Frickes, a nationally renowned consumer leader, share insights into our system and where we need to go from here."
Part 2 - Shares the 'Ten Fundamental Components of Recovery' and focuses on the shift in how services are delivered to people with mental illnesses.  When consumers began to share their perspective, they played an integral role in transforming the mental health system into a system that is based on recovery as the "expectation".

Part 3 - Recovery is possible through awareness and educating the public on a national level.  Formation of support programs allow consumers to share their stories and consumer support systems are helping to transform the mental health system into one that is recovery-oriented and consumer driven.

Part 4 - Emphasizes how a shift must occur in the culture of mental health care before recovery can occur. This culture needs to be based on self-determination, empowering relationships, and full participation of consumers in the work force and in society.

Part 5 - A Empowerment! A consumer speaks on taking her power back from her illness and how she is still able to use the skills she had prior to her illness to benefit others.  Also  sheds light on Institutional living as opposed to community-based living and the 1999 Supreme Court case-Olmstead vs L.C. regarding the unnecessary institutionalization of some individuals with disabilities.
Part 6 - Consumers speak about being actively involved and responsible for their own recovery.  Addresses several other issues that make up the "Ten Fundamental Components of Recovery".  Questions the term 'stigma', is it a strong enough word,or is it really discrimination?
Part 7 - Consumers say RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE! Recovery is the "expectation"! Listen to their victories! Envision a future where mental illess is cured, tomorrow recovery may be the reality for all!


The Impact of Culture on Person/Family Centered Planning 
Wilma Townsend & Sade' Humphrey